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The Gad Foundation was founded in early 2004 by president, Marra Gad and a dedicated group of family and friends, in memory of her late father, Jerry, who died of Leukemia in 1990, at the age of 47.

Born and adopted on Jerry's birthday, Marra shared a very special bond with her father that they highlighted at their birthday celebration each year. After Jerry passed away, Marra's birthday became an increasingly difficult time for her. As her 30th birthday approached, Marra decided to honor her dad in a celebration of life by establishing a new tradition: The Birthday Bash -- a yearly party to honor her father's life, while raising funds for Leukemia research. Our efforts were born out of the initial party, and friends and family have since come together to raise money and awareness and join the fight against the cancer that took this beloved man.


The Gad Foundation was created so as to allow people from all ages and backgrounds to find a home and to join us as we Fight Leukemia One Birthday at a Time!℠

Currently, we are seeking membership on the following boards and invite you to email us at for additional information.


Members – At – Large

Join our enthusiastic group of general supporters who work with us to spread the word about our efforts and events and volunteer at events. This group is ideal for people who wish to help when they can, and are unable to make a monthly meeting commitment.


Medical Advisory Board

At the core of our work is our desire to fuel forward the efforts made in the medical community to find a cure for Leukemia. Our dedicated Medical Advisory Board is central to our mission, guiding our efforts, keeping us informed of new research and fueling us forward.


20’s Board

Our newly forming 20’s Board targets members who are between the ages of 20 and 29 who are interested in combining philanthropy and fun by organizing events and parties whose proceeds will benefit The Gad Foundation!


Gad Foundation: Fighting Leukemia One Birthday at a Time℠

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